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Who doesn’t know Mario?

I think everyone will agree that Mario is the most iconic arcade game that everyone loves.

The Mario franchise is a game that has touched numerous generations of gamers since its installment. Get your Mario Kart 7 ROM now:

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Mario Is back!

The Good news is the 7th installment of the major fan-favorite is the Mario Kart 7 which racing into the glorious Mushroom Kingdom in 3D.

Compared to other older versions, players can now soar through the skies, plunge into the depths of the sea, and discover and unlock new kart possibilities.

Plus, all the drivers will now enjoy the classic Mario kart with several interesting new features including new courses, new abilities to strategize on, and customizable karts that could really bring player’s excitement to great heights. The game is designed by famous game development companies including Retro Studios and Nintendo EAD and it was released and published on Nintendo 3DS gaming platform. The hype and excitement really made Mario Kart 7 ROM very popular to all players – kids and kids at heart.

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